About Me

It’s hard writing about yourself, so here’s a bio my girlfriend, Laura, wrote for me a few years ago for our company website:

Luke Palmer first began in the music industry where he acquired his sound and audio engineering mastery, writing & recording three full length albums and regularly working as a sound engineer at local venues.  At the ripe old age of fourteen he turned his hand to web development and design, learning a skill that in his early twenties head hunters would begin pursuing him for.  What started as a hobby for young Luke turned out to be the shaping of a creative and media filled work life.

Throughout Luke’s web development career he worked with businesses, contracting out his expertise and ingenuity. Luke influenced and worked with some of the larger players in their particular industries. These bigger fish include Martini/F1, Cambridge Assessment, Bacardi, Pearson Education and Archant to name a few.

Over the years Luke was able to engage with key contacts within the industry and gain a vast amount of knowledge from each individual on his path.  As his experience grew it led Luke into other fields of enjoyment where in his mid twenties he began understanding the art of photography and writing.  What followed some years later was re-discovering his passion for music and sound; this time coupled with videography.

That’s where Laura leaves off and I come back in. Since then, I’ve started a digital agency and a (failed) gym in Norwich. I still love music, audio production, song writing, web development and all the other things mentioned above, but I’ve also a couple of new additional loves more recently.

Last year I became a dad to an amazing little man and at the same time became heavily into growing my own food and taking more of an interest in self-sustainability and looking after the planet a little bit more.

With all those things combined, it’s been a busy few years and I’m now settling into a new job with a company in Norwich.

I’ve always been project-driven – I’m always taking on something new and when I do, I tend to go all out. I figured this blog would act almost as journal for me to scribble away the thought processes and results that go along with those projects.

I hope you enjoy the blog. More importantly, I hope I write on the blog.